Massage Treatments

Deep Sports Massage &
Holistic Relaxation Massage

Regular massage can help improve health:
- increasing circulation & removing muscle waste
- identifying potential problems, preventing possible injury
- improving self-awareness & self-confidence
- promoting physical & psychological relaxation
- keeping muscles & joints healthy, toned & balanced
- improving flexibility, strength & mobility
- reducing swelling, stiffness & pain

Massage can help specific injuries:
- breaking down scar tissue & adhesions
- releasing excessive muscle tension 
- increasing circulation to improve healing

All musculoskeletal injuries will have a soft tissue element so massage will help to reduce associated muscle tension, reduce pain, prevent secondary problems and improve the rate of healing.

Using organic massage oil to nourish your skin, improving skin tone by removing dead cells & stimulating circulation, each treatment will be a full body massage (in your underwear), or will focus on specific problem areas.


Treatments will also include posture assessment with remedial exercises for you to do at home between visits to help treat & prevent injury, & strengthen your core muscles. Poor posture can cause pain, aches, headaches, forward sloping shoulders & lower back problems. It is important to address postural problems before undertaking exercise or you may reinforce faulty muscle patterns & cause injury.

Treatments may be slightly painful when dealing with tense, knotted muscle areas but will leave you feeling relaxed & revitalised. Organic essential aromatherapy oils can be used if desired.

Full body massage
£50 for one hour
(£45 with discount code or £40 if book 3 or more)

Neck, shoulder and back massage 
£30 for 30 minutes
(£25 with discount code or £20 if book 3 or more)


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