Happy Customers

Corporate Clients

'A relaxing massage between lessons - a must!
It was really wonderful having a massage between classes. It began with a brief interview.. to exchange information then we went straight into the massage session. It wasn't necessary to change for the session, which allowed an easy transition from massage chair to other tasks, during my free period. The massage was expertly done and left me feeling relaxed and happy.  I would recommend it for everyone. I am certainly going to go again, hopefully monthly!'
International Secondary School, Eindhoven, Netherlands

‘Emma offered massage to staff as part of our staff development event focusing on ‘work-life’ balance. Emma’s sessions with staff were a success, so she continued to visit on a regular (monthly) basis. A reliable, professional and friendly service’
The Open University in the South, Oxford, UK

‘I employed Emma to provide energiser massages on the massage chair. Very professional (from) consultation (to) treatments and exercises. Her caring, kind, friendly personality shone. I’d have no hesitation sharing word about Emma’
Managers Conference, The Independent Newspaper, London

‘Very good, deep massage with excellent exercise advice and after care’
North Oxford Golf Club/Hinksey Heights Golf Club, Oxford, UK

‘The first relief I have had from my shoulder injury in six months, thank you’
Professional Wakeboard Sportsman, Wakestock Music Festival, VIP Tent, Blenheim Palace, Oxford, UK

Private Clients

''Emma's massage had a very uplifting effect. I felt as if I had cleansed my body internally and came out clean after an hour. Very enjoyable, thank you!'

‘The treatments not only made me feel wonderful but I found my confidence at work increase’

'As a sufferer of chronic arthritis I have had a lot of experiences with massage therapy. Emma is by far the best masseuse that I have had. After each session I feel much more supple and energized and the effects last several days.'

'If it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t believe my back pain could go away from a massage’

‘Completely cleared my blocked sinuses and headache. Wonderful’

Baby & Toddler Massage

‘The class was very helpful for us as it covered more than the "pure" massage movements: Setting the scene, asking for permission before massage, adapting the strokes to what the child is doing (ie. lying on front or back or sitting up) and what the child likes.'

'You always gave helpful advice and by introducing the various strokes and areas of the body to massage one after the other it wasn't too much to grasp at once and you could focus on things when back home.'

'This class was a real eye-opener as to how I can help my children relax when stressed, nervous or sad. Although I have always been close physically to my children the massage moments became a time to 'really' relax and only focus on them. I highly recommend these classes which were set in a professional yet warm and friendly environment.'

'Emma is a very lovely, enthusiastic person. I enjoyed going to her baby massage class very much. Especially also because she kept motivating me not to give up -  I have a very active toddler which makes massaging him a real challenge. I can absolutely recommend  her!'

'I can really recommend the toddler massage. First of all, because it is wonderful to concentrate on your child for one hour, with your full attention on your child without being interrupted by a phone or someone at the door. Second, I learned to massage my child in such a way that she relaxed. My daughter loves being massaged. And last but certainly not least, there’s Emma. She is a great teacher who motivates you.'

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